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Welcome to McHenry Analytical Water Laboratory

McHenry Analytical Water Laboratory was founded in 1986. Since our inception we have provided water and wastewater analysis to municipal, industrial, and private clients throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. We specialize in microbiological and inorganic analysis utilizing state of the art technology.

Because our staff consists of Chemists, Biologists, Soil Scientists, and Environmental Consultants, we can do more than just provide you with results. We help you find solutions.

Our Specialized Services Include:

Sample Collection
McHenry Analytical Water Laboratory provides sample collection services for monitoring well, stream quality studies, soft sediment sampling, potable water supplies, distribution samples, effluent discharges, storm water runoff, and soil sampling to a depth of ten feet. Sampling plans are designed for each unique sampling event.

Laboratory Consulting
McHenry Analytical Water Laboratory provides method consulting to clients who perform field-testing or maintain an onsite analytical laboratory. In addition to method consulting, we also develop project guidelines and monitor IEPA, IDPH, and DNR schedules so you don't have to. Our laboratory will also perform calibration of pH meters, D.O. meters, thermometers, and other various testing equipment at a rate of $50.00/hr.

Sample Container and Delivery
Properly preserved and prepared sample containers are provided to clients at no additional charge. Sample pick-up services are available to locations within a twenty-five mile radius of the laboratory. We are currently developing courier routes, please call (815) 344-4044 for current schedules.


If you have questions about what we test, what services we provide, or our laboratory capabilities, please feel free to browse our site, or contact us today and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

McHenry Analytical Water Laboratory
Our number is (815) 344-4044.